Early Earth and ExoEarths: origin and evolution of life

Warsaw, Poland 3-7 April, 2017

The meeting will cover a multitude of scientific subjects ranging from star and planet formation until the early evolution of life on Earth. It aims to bring together astronomers, physicists, chemists, geologists and biologists as well as academics and students from humanities to discuss the most important questions and newest findings in all related disciplines.

Popular science lectures will be presented to the general public in the Centrum Astronomiczne im. Mikołaja Kopernika Polskiej Akademii Nauk (ul. Bartycka 18, Warszawa)

17:00 (in Polish) "Jak tworzy się kolebka życia: powstawanie i ewolucja układów planetarnych"
Ewa Szuszkiewicz (Wydział Matematyczno-Fizyczny, Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Polska)

18:00 (in English) "What is Life and How Did it Emerge?"
Addy Pross (Department of Chemistry, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel)