The meeting will cover a multitude of scientific subjects ranging from star and planet formation until the early evolution of life on Earth. It aims to bring together astronomers, physicists, chemists, geologists and biologists as well as academics and students from humanities to discuss the most important questions and newest findings in all related disciplines.

Presentations conserving the following topics are encouraged:

  • Physical and chemical processes under star and planet formation
  • Formation of complex molecules in space, planetary and satellite atmospheres
  • Before and after the Last Common Universal Ancestor: Early evolution of life
  • Meteorites as probes for understanding the Early Solar System
  • Comets and the early history of the Solar System
  • Geological conditions for prebiotic chemistry
  • Early Universe, early Earth and the origin of life: Evolution of concepts in history and philosophy
  • Borderline between chemistry and biology
  • Scientific misconceptions: case studies in astrobiology

Two special sessions:

  • Archean and Paleoproterozoic phosphorous cycle and phosphorites
  • Water on Mars and its implications to habitability of the Red Planet